DBB valves for reduced space, weight, cost and leakage

The DBB valves were pioneered in the early part of the 80’s by Oliver Valves, it is widely accepted and now a worldwide standard now. One of the notable companies that sell the valve is kplokusa.com, they likewise sell other kinds of valves.

In the industry, the DBB valve is referred to as DBB and it combines the components which is necessary to provide double isolation and venting into a single unit. When the entire component (block and bleed) is combined into a single unit, the final result will reduce the chances of leakages and also provide a significant weight savings.

Applications which require the production of oil and gas, gauge isolation, direct or remote mounting of instrument, chemical injection, and instrument isolation will need a more compact design.

Why use a Double Block and Bleed valve?

Apart from a notable reduction in weight, installation duration and space, the greatest savings which are usually seen is a notable reduction of the leakage path into the atmosphere, thereby helping in the reduction of potential hazard which can occur.

A dual isolation is necessary whenever there is an ongoing maintenance in the downstream sector. a cavity venting is either provided by a globe vent valve so that the pressure which is trapped between the two isolation valves can be vented safely. This will help in bringing the instrumentation as well as piping isolation into a single unit.

DBB Valves equal Less Weight

This is very significant on the offshore platform, whenever you combine all the pressure instrument as well as the takeoff point. It is usually reduced from around 33kg to about 7kg, thereby bringing about a 75% reduction in weight. The reduction in weight is also an issue when the take-off is horizontal because this can result to a bending moment and can also result to a critical fracture of the pipeline interface. However, you can overcome this problem by the addition of more structural and stanchions support which would also result to more weight.

DBB Valves Reduce Cost

The use of DBB valves would help in the reduction of more than 30% over the traditional installation which can increase to about 70% if the valve is made with exotic materials.

The amount factory tested component will cost when compared toother instrument and piping valves as well as other components would make the cost of purchase order go up and the costs of shipping are likewise more because of the specs which must be considered, this would result to an overall increase in cost by 30%, in some cases, a coded welder may be required.

DBB Valves Improve Safety

A standard 3-piece valve which is used in an installation may have several additional leak points. Health as well as safety legislation are also moving more towards the testing at a considerable cost to each one of these joints after installation and this will also result to an added cost.

The safety management board in the country also ensures the valves which are manufactured are safe for usage and does not carry any havoc, this was done after carrying out the appropriate test on the valves and using it in different applications.