Repair Patek Philippe Watches| Learn Everything About the ‘Roll-Royce’ of Watches

If you heard about Patek Philippe, you know that the quality of a watch could be or should be. Its a pure form of top quality watches that even measured as a standard. The brand officially sells and repair Patek Philippe watches through its official website, retailers and other brands shops.

Patek Philippe started its journey in the year 1839. The traditional Genevan watchmaking artistry that catches everyone’s attention just after entering the market. Since then it took a high ranking place in the business and the heart of watch lovers.

Being exceptional and continue it with the same commitment and elegance is truly hard. The brand have more than a hundred patents of design, features, development and artistry on a wristwatch. The total credit goes to its founders Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe. These two genius take this band’s watch into another level.

Repair Patek Philippe Watches in the UK, US, Switzerland and other countries

In major cities of UK, US Switzerland, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore there are many reputed repair centres provid service to repair Patek Philippe. Hence you will only find an office service provider of this band in Istanbul, Moscow, Norway, Paris, Austria, UAE.

Few watchmakers might do justice with this fine watches. I will suggest a repair centre that has watchmakers with Swiss training and at least eight years of work experience in the field of brand watches like, Patek Philippe. Only an experienced worker can know how to repair and refine timing do, different types of micro adjustments and apply synthetic lubricants.

Some famous models of Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe offers thousand of a unique model for men, women and pocket watches. Some of the exceptional and popular timepiece models of Patek Philippe are,

The Grand Complications Collection

One of the most complicated and elegant watch collection of Patek Philippe is the grand complications. The best design and expertise are combined in these every piece of work. The watch includes time, date and month’s dials along with the hour and minute dials. Some of them are with the campus, country name or has a different colour of the background of the world map, the Milkyway ocean. Such a real beauty of engineering, artistry, and craftsmanship blend in here. The most of the Grand complications watch bracelets are made of fine quality leather. but few exceptions are made of Yellow/white gold.


Women watch used to be round and oval with most soft and sophisticated look. But the brand thought of some different but maintain a pure form of a lady. The Gondolo collection for women is made of rectangular, tonneau or cushion-shaped frame. These watches have sharp lines, geometric pattern and work of gems stone of the art deco style.

This collection has some nice men watches as well. The gondola collection is one of the best creation of Patek Philippe’s golden era. At first, this mode was a bit interrupted with simple infusion and modernity. You will see some of the discontinued vintage models in the museum of Patek Philippe. However, the current line of Gonoldo still exciting and continue to surprise Patek Philippe lovers.

These wrist watches are made of gold (white/yellow), leather and platinum. The gemstones are used in the watch is diamond, pearl, etc.

Pocket watch collection

I know in present time pocket watcher are not so in use as it did in 17th or 18th centuries. Even in the early 19th centuries owning a pocket watch was a statement of elegance. Now, its a piece of wart which mostly adore by souvenir collectors and some people who like to keep a piece of nostalgia.

The matter of facts pocket watches was the primary creation of Patek Philippe and show off the skill of excellence. The brand still offers some excellent and rare timepiece in their collection still. The number may not cross over ten, but you will place to observe their fineness. These watches are made of white and yellow gold with stopwatch features. Some of them with flip cover, some of them are unclad.

What services are available for Repair Patek Phillipe?

These listed below services you can expect from your service centre if your watch is broken or stopped working. Like as,

Full Service Without Changing Anything

The service where a watch stripped and clean thoroughly to keep it in standard form. If your watch suddenly stopped working, it might be possible that there is any minor malfunction or mechanical defect on it. No major operation will not run if it’s running after performing these procedures. After that, a water pressure test is run on waterproof watched as take the final testing.

Dial Restoration

Dial restoration may need if the dial is broken, burned, etc. case. Your service centre will provide original dial from the manufacturer with the cost of course. If the model is discontinued of the dial is not available right now, an alternative dial will offer to match with the same model. With your agreement, the new dial will be replaced with the old one.

Bracelet Repair

All model of Patek Philippe bracelets is available. Depending on what type of metal was used in your model the centre will provide the exact model of translate and repair it.

Case Polishing & Valeting/Refurbishment

The frequent need after repairing an old watch is case polishing, valeting or refurbishment. Also, the polishing may require for watches damage from the accident of burn. If you want to engrave on your precious watch or want gift an engraved watch to your loved one the brand’s repairing centre and top services centre provided the service too.

Battery & Glass Replacement

To bring back your watch its need to install a new battery. In the Rolex centre, you get a genuine factory made Rolex batteries. On other centres it might be the original one or swiss replacement batteries are installed. After every battery replacement, a water pressure test would run on waterproof watches. A fitness seal is put after that. Battery replacement takes 10-20 min in maximum cases.

Battery replacement is the less time-consuming service of all above. Usually, it takes 10-15 mins to complete. Always use the genuine battery for your watch and or any mechanical instrument. The genuine Patek Phillipe batteries are tested and sealed before installing in a watch. For waterproof batteries, a separate test also run. The glass replaces many could be done in low time if the exact model of glass is available in that time. Otherwise, that model of glass needs to order, purchase and then has to sit separately.

Final words

Patek Phillis is one of the high quality, high features and expensive brand in the watch industry. So, you need to hair the best-repairing centre who can take care of all of its problems. Hence the repairing cost would be bit high if your watch needs to replace any machine of it. It’s best to share your problem with the centre first, do a personal vision and let them check the watch condition first. They will provide you can repair Patek Philippe cost estimate which you can verify from your vendor if necessary.