top 10 valve manufacturers in world 2017

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Top 10 Valve Manufacturers in the World 2018

Valve is a really important part within the fluid pipe installation to open, stop, and half-block the stream to set up the flow. The easy example of valve is our home faucet. Sure, the definition of valve can be broader based on the functions and the areas where it is found. It is something undeniable also that valve plays so many essential points whether for industry and personal household. Have you ever wondered where the manufacturers of them? Of course, there are actually so numerous. In every country, there also must be manufacturers of valve although they are commonly not too big and famous. Meanwhile, there are a number of companies or manufacturers that contribute in producing and distributing valves all around the world in 2018. What are they? Here are the data starting from 2006.


Tyco is a company from USA with the central office in Boca Raton Florida founded in 1960 by Arthur Rosenberg. Since 2006, it has been on the top in term of the sales of valve. It is 2,442 million USD and it is forecasted to be increased, even in 2017.


Right under Tyco, there is Emerson with sales of 1,050 millions USD. Emerson is an electric company with main office in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


In number three, here is Flowserve a cooperation company that provides pipe installation devices including valves. The sales are up to 995 million USD.


Similar to Flowserve, this company is also known as the provider of pipe system and installation devices. Kitz is a Japanese company and the sales of valve are around 842 millions USD. It is also forecasted to be increased.


Cameron is a Schlumberger company that was founded in Houston, Texas. It is a provider of pressure and flow control system; one of them is valve. The sales of Cameron are up to 778 million USD and it makes the company on the number 5 of the list.

Crane Company

Next, there is Crane Company as the provider of industrial product with basis in the USA. The sales are approximately 750 million USD to make it the number 6 of the list.


Circor International was founded in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA in 1999. It is one of the biggest valve provider all around the world with sales around 485 million USD.

AVK Group

AVK group is a global manufacturer for industrial tools and equipments. It has been delivering products like valves, hydrants, and accessories worldwide. Based on that fact, the sales are high as well for around 450 million USD in a year.


On number 9, here is Curtiss-Wright, one of the leading companies to provide diversification products for industry and manufactures. In a year, this company is successful in making sales for around 420 million USD.


The last company included in the top 10 list is KP-LOK. This company is from USA and the sale is about 410 million USD.its main product is double block and bleed valve

There are reasons why those companies are leading in term of valve providers. Surely, the main one is about the high quality for any products including the double block and bleed valve.if you want to know more about double block and bleed valve,please visit